An ADL Quiz Game: A Test of Knowledge and Memory

ADLAA members attending the Annual Reunion held this year at the Oakley Country Club had a lot of fun responding to a quiz about the Arthur D. Little company.  For your amusement, the quiz questions are shown here and the answers are posted on the Events page in the members only area:

1. One of the patents issued to Arthur Dehon Little was for:
a. A synthetic pencil?
b. Penicillin?
c. Cellulose acetate filters?
d. Helium liquefier?

2. What was ADL’s original name:
a. Little & Griffin?
b. Griffin & Little?
c. Arthur & Roger?
d. Roger & Arthur?

3. What year did ADL open its facility at Acorn Park?
a. 1951?
b. 1952?
c. 1953?
d. 1954?

4. How many silk purses were made:
a. One?
b. Two?
c. Three?
d. Four?

5. Who was ADL’s longest commercial service client:
a. Sears?
b. Anheuser Busch?
c. General Motors?
d. Johnson & Johnson?

6. What was the ADL limousine:
a. A Yellow cab?
b. A Checker cab?
c. A Checker Marathon limousine?
d. A Checker Cadillac?

7. What was the name of the Building 15 dining room:
a. The Acorn Room?
b. The Oak leaf Room?
c. The Oak Room?
d. Reservation Dining Room?

8. Which of the following products did ADL NOT have anything to do with:
a. Dunkin donuts?
b. Captain Crunch?
c. Coors Beer?
d. Jack Daniels?

9. What was the name of the group of secretaries who did not have permanent assignments in the company?
a. The Secretary Pool?
b. The Temps’ Pool?
c. The Floaters’ Pool?
d. Helen Taverna’s Pool?

10. What year did the lead balloon take off:
a. 1975?
b. 1976?
c. 1977?
d. 1978?

11. In the late 1970’s and early 1980’s ADL evaluated which of the Grumman Company’s products:
a. Airplanes?
b. Helicopters?
c. Metro buses?
d. Formula One racing cars?

12. After Arthur D. Little first left his student studies at MIT, he:
a. Opened a consulting laboratory?
b. Worked in a paper mill?
c. Tutored MIT students?
d. Worked in a chemical plant?

13. What ADL-related product did the Apollo 11 astronauts Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin leave on the lunar surface:
a. The lunar landing craft?
b. A retro reflector array?
c. A panel of solar cells?
d. A moon quake seismometer?

14. What building number was the Pilot Plant?
a. Building 40?
b. Building 42?
c. Building 46?
d. Building 49?

15. Arthur D. Little was a founding member of:
a. The American Chemical Society?
b. The American Institute of Chemical Engineers?
c. The American Association for the Advancement of Science?
d. All of the above?