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ADL Chronicles

A presentation of the products and inventions that came out of the laboratories of Arthur D. Little, Inc.

ADLAA member(s): Irv Arons


BlazeTech Corp. specializes in combustion, fire, explosion, fuels and nanoparticles, and their applications in energy, environment and safety. We provide contract R&D, instrumentation, software development, expert witness services and evaluation of technological risks for the aircraft, defense, chemical, power generation and nanotechnology industries.

ADLAA member(s): Albert Moussa

Cambridge Concord Associates

Cambridge Concord Associates (CCA) is a consulting firm specializing in organization and multi-organization strategic planning, governance assessment and design, and communication.

ADLAA member(s): Jane Fisher

Chait and Associates

Chait and Associates is a consultancy founded by Larry Chait. The firm offers services in strategic planning, process improvement, knowledge management, and change management – and offers coaching support to managers and their teams.

ADLAA member(s): Larry Chait

Crackerjack Consultants

Taking Your Operations to the Next Level [Operations/Logistics/Supply Chain/Process Improvement Consulting Services]

ADLAA member(s): Todd Burger

Charles River Associates

Charles River Associates applies advanced analytic techniques and in-depth industry knowledge to solve the most complex problems.

ADLAA member(s): Brian Gersh, Robert Henske

Coromandel Wealth Management

Coromandel Wealth Management (CWM) is a financial advisory firm dedicated to providing a full range of financial planning and investment services, using low-cost diversified portfolios that are designed to reduce volatility while achieving strong performance.

ADLAA member(s): George Gagliardi

Cytel, Inc.

Cytel Inc. is the leading provider of clinical trial design services and specialized statistical applications primarily for the biopharmaceutical, medical device, academic and government research markets. 47 out of the top 50 biopharmaceutical companies use Cytel software to design, simulate and analyze their clinical trials.

ADLAA member(s): Ranganath Nayak

Gemini Investors

Gemini Investors (“Gemini”) and its predecessor entity have been making investments in middle market companies since 1993. The firm has invested in over 60 middle market companies since its inception. Gemini has raised four equity investment funds in 1995, 1997, 2000, and 2005, constituting more than $350 million of capital under management.

ADLAA member(s): David Millet

HOPE Worldwide

HOPE worldwide’s vision is to bring hope and change the lives of the world’s most poor, sick and suffering. HOPE worldwide is an international charity that changes lives by harnessing the compassion and commitment of dedicated staff and volunteers to deliver sustainable, high-impact, community-based services to the poor and needy.

ADLAA member(s): Patricia Gempel

Houston Technology Center

Houston Technology Center (HTC), a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, is Greater Houston’s business accelerator and the largest technology business incubator in Texas.

ADLAA member(s): Walter Ulrich

ICF International

ICF International partners with government and commercial clients to deliver consulting services and technology solutions in the energy, climate change, environment, transportation, social programs, health, defense, and emergency management markets. The firm combines passion for its work with industry expertise and innovative analytics to produce compelling results throughout the entire program life cycle.

ADLAA member(s): Paul Brenner

Inward Strategic Consulting

Inward Strategic Consulting specializes in marketing strategy development, change management, internal branding, change communications, market research, focus groups, and now, talent branding.

ADLAA member(s): Allan Steinmetz

Irv Arons’ Journal

A presentation of the products and inventions that came out of the Product Technology laboratories of Arthur D. Little, Inc. Write-ups include the Silk Purse from Sows Ears & the Lead Balloon; the Plastic Pencil; the Motionless Mixer; an Improved Firefighter’s Glove; a Spincast Eyeglass Frame; and the Bic Erasable Ink.

ADLAA member(s): Irv Arons

Jantz Management LLC

Quantitative Value Investing. Jantz Management is a boutique investment management company founded on the premise that superior quantitative models will significantly outperform human experts over the long term.

ADLAA member(s): Christine Jantz

Koch Institute at MIT

The David H. Koch Institute for Integrative Cancer Research at MIT both transforms and transcends the MIT Center for Cancer Research (CCR). Founded in 1974 by Nobel Laureate and MIT Professor Salvador Luria, CCR has made enormous contributions to the field of cancer research.

ADLAA member(s): W. David Lee

The Legacy of a Sow’s Ear: The Rise and Fall of Arthur D. Little, Inc.

An illustrated hard-cover book by Ivars Avots, telling the inside story of the oldest management consulting firm in America.

ADLAA member(s): Ivars Avots

Lighthouse Consulting Group

Lighthouse is a group of experienced senior professionals with the capability to address complex multi-disciplinary issues.

ADLAA member(s): Robert Popadic

Mayfield Consulting

Strategic and Tactical, Sales and Marketing Consulting

ADLAA member(s): Anne Mayfield


Oil and Gas Investment Research.

ADLAA member(s): Kurt Wulff

Nano-C, Inc.

Leading the development of nanostructured carbon products.

ADLAA member(s): Viktor Vejins

Norbridge, Inc.

Norbridge is an independent, multi-specialty management consulting firm founded in 1993. Our consultants work closely with clients around the world to deliver business success in strategy, marketing, mergers and acquisitions, operations, organization design, regulatory assistance, and litigation support. We work in transportation, logistics, pharmaceuticals, energy, mining, and other industries where our partners have deep knowledge.

ADLAA member(s): Michael Esposito

Robert Eller Associates, LLC

Our 10 associates are experienced polymer industry managers, engineers and business analysts who provide management of both large and small companies with analysis to support decision-making. Our consulting practice, experience and language skills are global in scope.

ADLAA member(s): Robert Eller


SAIC is a FORTUNE 500® scientific, engineering, and technology applications company that uses its deep domain knowledge to solve problems of vital importance to the nation and the world, in national security, energy and the environment, critical infrastructure, and health. We do this with the constant and deliberate commitment to ethical performance and integrity that has marked SAIC since its founding.

ADLAA member(s): Philip Marrone


Senopsys’ mission is to improve people’s health and quality of life by developing palatable, patient-accepted drug products.

ADLAA member(s): Virginia Ferguson, Jeffrey Worthington

Shorey Consulting, Inc.

Shorey Consulting, Inc., is a small consulting practice helping clients develop strategies for changing markets.

ADLAA member(s): C. Everett Shorey

Strategic Vehicle Partners;

SVP is a management consulting practice providing strategic and operational assistance to vehicle sales organizations of auto OEMs.

ADLAA member(s): Tom Parish

Tammy Erickson Associates

Tammy Erickson Associates is a firm of renowned thought-leaders and senior business leaders committed to helping you understand – and build – an Intelligent Organization.

ADLAA member(s): Tamara J. Erickson

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