Over the years, ADL employees have often volunteered their time and personal efforts to various educational, cultural, health related, community service, environmental and other not-for-profit organizations. Many ADLAA members are interested in finding additional opportunities to participate in such volunteer activities and would like to learn more about them. The ADLAA Board believes that it could be beneficial if our members would share some information on their volunteer activities with other members- perhaps inspiring them to add to their existing volunteer activities. There are a number of ways in which we might do this: for example: 1) submit information on your volunteer activities that can be included in the ADLAA newsletters-we can provide a simple form to fill out to convey the information 2) provide information your volunteer activities to or please use our contact form to send your information to ADLAA. If your own volunteer activity is satisfying and you think other ADLers might enjoy it while simultaneously adding value to your non-profit’s cause you could ask others to consider volunteering. If you are interested in sharing information on your volunteer activities with other ADLAA members, let us know by sending a brief message to ADLAA and indicate if you would prefer your information to be shared in the newsletter or on our website in the future. HAPPY VOLUNTEERING!