Membership & Benefits

In recent years, the ADLAA has had approximately 400 members, 75% of whom reside in the New England area. About 19% live in the United States outside of New England and the remaining 6% of the members are located internationally. Becoming an ADLAA member is one way to remain connected with these former colleagues.

Any person who was an employee of Arthur D Little, Inc. or any of its subsidiaries prior to that firm’s bankruptcy in 2002 may apply for membership using the 2024 Application Form here. When the application has been approved by the ADLAA Board of Directors and the applicant has paid such dues as have been established by the Board, he or she becomes a General Member of the ADLAA. General membership is valid for one calendar year and may be renewed by payment of dues for the subsequent year(s).

An individual who was not an employee of the firm but who has had a long meaningful relationship with Arthur D. Little, Inc., including spouses or immediate family members of deceased General Members, may be eligible for Associate or Special membership. To begin the process of consideration for Associate or Special membership, please contact a member of the Board of Directors.

Member Benefits

Members receive advance notice of upcoming meetings, and social and educational events via electronic or postal mail notices. If an event involves a door fee, as most must, members whose dues are paid for the current year usually pay a lower rate than non-members. Events enjoyed by ADLAA members and their friends have included a Spring Social at the Oakley Country Club, attendance at a Boston Pops Orchestra concert, a gala Annual Reunion in September, and a November event with a Book of Odds presentation by fellow alumni Amram Shapiro and Louise Firth-Campbell.

Members are eligible for listing in the Membership Directory, which is updated periodically. (Individual members may elect to be have some or all of their personal information omitted from the directory listing.) Members also have access to the Directory contact information for other members.

Members receive periodic newsletters that contain information on planned meetings or events, narrative and photographic descriptions of recent events, and personal information updates from other ADLAA members. The newsletters appear three to four times per year.

Members will have access to the Members Only pages of the website. The Members Only pages includes current and past newsletters, detailed information about upcoming events, an In Memorium list with tributes, and more.